My Orders

Showcases the details of past orders, order inventory, order status and other transactions of the user. One can easily track their order status as it changes to “Confirmed,In-progress or Delivered” in the “My Orders”section.

My Offers

The Offers Section displays the exciting offers, discounts or deals of the day, at the best price.

My Cart

Displays all the recent orders, quantity ordered and the total amount to be paid. Users can edit the order, if required and on confirmation proceed to pay. Orders placed can also be deleted, if required, by going to this page.

Coupons & Vouchers

Users can redeem their Gift Vouchers, Discount Coupons, Promo Codes here and gear up for huge discounts.

Gift Wrap

We give you the option of adding a Gift Wrapping to your product with your “Custom Messages”, if you are ordering it for someone else.


Wishlists are the desired products saved by customers to their user account, expressing their interest without immediate intent to purchase. You can save all the products you want to purchase in the Wishlist and we keep you informed about the various updates on them like the Product availability, discounts etc


Product ratings and reviews gives consumers a voice to post feedback on the products across the merchant website. It also gives customers the opportunity to monitor fellow customer’s satisfaction and problems, that are brought up in a review.


The notification center alerts users with personalised notifications based on their Shopping history and also gives various updates on product availability, discounts, offers etc respective to the customer’s Wish list.


Products are displayed based on the popularity of the products, the number of customer views and the best-selling products. Users can also refine their search by applying filters to category, brand, type, price, colour, size etc and ease your product search. Filtering can be combined with product sorting for more specific product list organization.

Add Unlimited Products Under Categories

The app supports an unlimited number of product options and categories. You can add as many products with product images, small description, pricing and discount details. Listing products under multiple categories improves the visibility of the products.

View User Segment

User Segments describe the customers who use your particular app. It helps you analyze how your app users vary in their usage and behavior and track those regular and loyal customers who are most valuable to your business. The User Segment helps you gain a better understanding of your audience, to develop more targeted features.

Efficient Order management

Order management is all about keeping track of orders and processing orders quickly and efficiently with minimum delays and backorders. Our Order management system drives operational efficiency and helps improve customer satisfaction.

Promote Offers

Offers section aims to bring the latest online coupons, discount deals, promotional offers, gift vouchers etc. The app notification center alerts users about these exciting offers and users can claim and shop immediately.

Set permissions to Staff

Customers can give dashboard permissions to their employees, while controlling their access levels. You can define and restrict staff permissions and give each member of your team unique authority. Employees will get their unique login credentials with permitted access.

View Reports and Feedback

Our reports enable in depth analysis of customer activity, product purchase & performance across all categories that helps you optimise and boost your business. You can get product reviews and reviews of your services like delivery, packaging, payment, shipment etc from your customers, that helps you improve your products and services and exceed customer expectations.